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Google Appliance Mail Update 2

Wow. Seeing is believing. After nearly three days, my catchall account in the Google Domain Appliancehas caught 67,930 messages; and has 3,185 messages in the Inbox. The amazing stat is at the bottom of the mailbox: “You are currently using 864 MB (42%) of your 2048 MB.” Looking through the messages, it looks like the attachments on the spam are using a giant hunk of the space. It looks like I’ll need to clean out the Spam box much sooner than 30 days, or mail coming in will start to bounce.

I wonder if there’s an easy way to chart the mail volume coming into a Gmail account? I could download the mail with POP, but that seems like a waste, and an uphill battle.I thought about turning this mailbox into an automagically updating WordPress blog, but I’m not sure why. Would making all this data be useful to anyone? I see mostly true non-existent user error messages, but there are a few vacation messages, spam complaints, and other backscatter. Thoughts?

If I tag the Inbox messages as spam, will that affect other users of Google’s mail appliances, or just this one account? I don’t want to mess up any one else’s email.

(Now up to 68,123 spam, 3,187 Inbox, 866MB used)


  1. Bart Schaefer says:

    I recently used GAFYD to re-enable a domain that had not had an active MX for at least 10 years. I created exactly one account, a name which had existed back then and which appears in a number of usenet and mailing list postings from that time. Within 15 minutes there was one message in the spam folder; within an hour there were two. It’s now been about 48 hours and there are 17.

    I’d be interested to know the answer to the question about gmail spam reporting. I was having a lot of false positives in my regular gmail account for a while in December. It seems to have gotten better as this month has gone along.

  2. Chris says:

    I’ve a domain that peaks at around 300,000 spams a day. Managing that is fun 😀

  3. 300,000 a day! Yikes! How do you do that? Describe your setup. Is it a catchall, or old users who are getting spam? How old is the domain?

  4. Seth says:

    I suppose worrying about impacting others with your spam blocklist is not your duty, but GMail’s. Just use every feature they offer you, in the way that they let you. If GMail doesn’t ask you to adhere to a certain policy, it is their job to avoid side-effects to for example the gene pool of local ducks in Mid-West France.