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D-link sucks

David vs. Goliath story of the day: Open Letter to D-Link about their NTP vandalism


  1. Mike says:

    Dlink makes totally inferior products. I’m completely dissatisfied with mine.

    My DI-624 wireless router doesn’t even support STATIC routes. It also reboots, hangs, and is completely buggy.

    Dlink sucks.

  2. assassin says:

    Maybe you just don’t know how to configure it properly. Almost 80% of networking devices users are completely dumb and feel they know how to configure it. i got mine working great. ur just one wireless user wannabe

  3. Gene says:

    Maybe DLINK does SUCK! My experience with them is that they put products on the market that don’t work and you have to apply endless firmware updates and even then, you never get things working as advertised.

    Case in point – Dlink entertainment system for the TV. Bought one of the first generations, networking didn’t work, would not stream video without locking up, had to constantly be restarted. After 3+ firmware updates, I threw it in the trash.

    DIR-451 Mobile Broadband router. I am returning it to dlink because it doesn’t work with AT&T. After spending 4+ hours with tech support and going through a replacement unit, the problem is, of course, with AT&T and they will address it in a firmware upgrade at some point in time in the future. When I told the tech that the product didn’t work, he replied “It does work, it just needs an update” (That they don’t have). I replied, I plug it in and I can’t access the internet, how is that working?

    Complete jerks!

  4. Slasher says:

    assassin, the first three letters are correct in your name.

    DLINK does suck and I have over twenty years in this business starting with the original token chain network over BNC. I have tried at least three new Dlink devices over the last couple of weeks and I know why they are half the price of Linksys. They suck and they suck bad. Just go to their support page and review their guide on establishing a wireless network on XP sevice pack2. It’s a farce and I will tell everybody and anybody that asks to stay the $^(* away from DLINK.

  5. Dan Heneghan says:

    if 80% of networking devices users are too dumb to install the products correctly… maybe the network device designers are the dumb ones.

    come on, seriously. it’s supposed to make your life easier.

  6. Carla says:

    wow! I just got off the phone with dlink – no returns if lack of system compatibility. They Suck, their tech support sucks their products suck. Tell everyone you know – stay away from D-link! worst products and service ever.

  7. Ron Emerick says:

    Here’s the new record holder: D-Link “customer” service has outdone Comcast. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe but D-Link’s Indian workforce has less intelligence than that of Comcast. Their equipment is less adequate than the company’s aledged management.

    Message to the morons: Either make it work or get English speakers to try to solve your numerous product problems.

  8. Randy says:

    I’ve published a log of my 5 months in hell of D-Link customer support. Yes, they took 5 months to even get close to resolving a problem I had with their DPR 1260 print server. And their resolution was only a partial refund. It’s a story of incompetent technical and customer service personnel, neglectful practices, and shipment of DOA replacement units. If you are so inclined, please read on:

  9. SpaceMonkey says:

    I bought a d-link wireless router. Worked for 2 months then it quit. No throughput. I am a computer techie. I did all the trouble shooting an came to the conclusion it was the router that was bad. Called d-link tech support. That was a joke. Went through a level 1 tech trouble shooting. She said she will pass me on to a level 2 tech. He wasn’t any better. After explaining again that I had tried, then explaining what the other service agent tried I went through the same set of tests. He said that they should work..He suggested it might be the PC. So we sent to another PC and did the same tests, he said…weird it should work. He suggested the second PC might be bad…I said “NO” !!!!!!! it isn’t. He said it might be the router.

    DUH dumb sh*t! He said call another tech support number in 10 minutes. I did. Nobody answered. tried again later…no answer. After 3 days I got a hold of somebody and they said I will have to go through he web site to return it. And I will have to pay the shipping.

    Yes, I am now purchasing a LinkSys.

  10. Demian Ariel says:

    Dlink really. I can’t configure a server, can’t open ports, can’t configure static IP. All of these before and after downloading and installing the latest firmware.
    Nothing works as it should.

  11. Kevin Wilson says:

    Thanks for the browser hijack Dlink. Redirects to which tech support swears up and down has nothing to do with Dlink. Yet when we log into the router and uncheck “Advanced DNS settings” the redirect doesn’t occur.

  12. Jeannie says:

    I had dlink and had a lot of problems. I don’t think I will go back to it, as the above complaints sure put me off using it.

  13. Mosspa says:

    I am currently on the phone with D-Link customer support. This is the third time I have called them about this issue today. I bought a D-Link 802.11N usb adapter today. I installed it on a freshly built 2600L computer under Win 6-64. After it installed, Windows reported back that it was operating at 54Mbps. Sounded like .11g to me. I went into my Linksys dual-band router (the 2.4MHz side is set for N-only) and looked at the DHCP client table and, sure enough, the adapter is connected as an .11g device. So, I called D-link and told them that I was having a problem with their .11n adapter connecting to my .11n router as a .11g device. That time I was told to check with my computer manufacturer. I told them that I was the computer manufacturer. They told me that my computer was responsible and that they could not be responsible for my computer. So, I called back and asked to talk to a supervisor, I told her the same thing, she hung up after saying that the notes said that that my computer was malfunctioning. Finally, I called back giving them bogus contact info so they had to open a new case file. That appears to have worked. I have been on hold all the while I typed this. No question.. D-Link is a shitty company, that makes shitty products and that employs Chinese technicians that don’t have a clue. At least the Chinese techs at Linksys know what they are doing. Stay away from D-link.

  14. Fralagen says:

    D-link products are just terrible, the customer service staff are rude and useless.

    I recently picked up a wireless router for my business and a wireless USB for home use. The router plug n play took over an hour of tech support and backdoor programming to work with my Windows 7 desktop…it does work, now.

    The first USB took about 2.5 hours for it’s “plug and play” installation but then the range was pitiful in comparison to the manufacturer claims. I returned it, got a ‘more powerful’ unit and it wouldn’t even connect. After 2 hours with tech india they gave up and said ‘good luck’. I returned this one and bought a netgear unit. truly plug and play. Under 10 minutes and the software self installed and the connection was in place, stable and strong.

    Avoid d-link and tell your friends the same.