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Amazing. On a day a when the FTC fines a millionaire spammer a pittance of the fine due, the Washington Post ignores its privacy policy and spams me with an offer to buy their stupid dead tree paper. But yeah, the spam tells me I can opt-out! Like I should trust that, after all, my preferences are already checked to NOT receive their garbage. But that’s ok, they aren’t members of TrustE or the BBB privacy seal programs, so what recourse do we have? None. Jerks. What’s the purpose of having a privacy policy if it can just be ignored? I’d love to have some big wig at the Post tell me it was an accident, and send me an apology. But that won’t happen. You have to be trustworthy and worried about what people think of you to offer an apology for lying.

I wouldn’t subscribe to the Post now if it were free. Who needs an extra couple hundred sheets of paper (newsprint nonetheless) cluttering up the house? It’s no wonder the newspaper subscription count is in freefall.