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Twitter Updates for 2014-01-14

  • @backblaze Is there an option somewhere to alert me when a computer hasn't been backed up in longer than X days? 481 days is dangerous! #
  • Make sure you block for spamming as well as mat[1-4].net #
  • And I forgot to recommend to block for spamming as well #
  • @backblaze Apparently that doesn't nag though. The user on that computer never saw anything, today I saw it had been 481 days since backup in reply to backblaze #
  • @backblaze It would be great to email the account owner if a backup hadn't happened in X days. (or X months?) in reply to backblaze #
  • I am so glad I didn't buy Nest Smoke Alarms two months ago. Who wants to give Google that much access to our home? #
  • RT @eeeeayyy_cow: Oh Coventry insurance. Why are you so terrible?! šŸ˜«šŸ˜«šŸ˜« #
  • RT @bonedoc05: Anyone looking at health insurance should avoid Coventry insurance like the plague. Aweful, just aweful service and coverage. #
  • RT @MertWarson: On hold w/ new health insurance co for almost an hour so far. Great first impression, guys. #Coventry #thissucks #lousyserv €¦ #
  • You know that sinking feeling you get when you think you've made a terrible mistake? I've got that now thanks to Coventry Insurance #
  • Coventry Insurance stinks to high heaven, or low hell. #
  • Am I allowed to change insurance companies yet? Coventry sucks. I've wasted 4+ hours on them today alone, probably 20 hours total #