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Twitter Updates for 2013-12-17

  • Is Netflix down? I haven't been able to watch on my AppleTV since Saturday, but It plays ok on my Mac @Netflixhelps #
  • @Netflixhelps Nope, just a spinner, then "the content can't be played right now" in reply to Netflixhelps #
  • @Netflixhelps OK, I'll try that tonight and let you know what happens in reply to Netflixhelps #
  • I'm having the hardest time getting Coventry Health Insurance to take my money! Pesky premiums! #
  • Coventry Insurance sucks! Their billing department just hung up on me. I've never had such trouble trying to give someone money #
  • Why did @TUAW go to partial feeds? I hope that's just an oops and not a conscious decision #
  • @Netflixhelps Well, I did the "restart" menu option under Settings instead of unplugging, but regardless, Netflix streaming works now. Thx in reply to Netflixhelps #