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Twitter Updates for 2013-02-07

  • Ugh, just got spam from Newsle, yet another social network for news. And using AmazonSES for their drivel. Never share your address book! #
  • Just got more spam from a @ConstantContact loser. CC's customer support people @ctcthelp didn't kill the loser. #
  • @CTCTHelp And then you're just going to opt me out, aren't you? Instead of actually getting your customer to stop spamming in reply to CTCTHelp #
  • @CTCTHelp Email sent, for all the good it will do. I am now seriously considering blacklisting constant contact again. in reply to CTCTHelp #
  • @CTCTHelp So you admit you will only opt me out? You don't deal with the loser spammer abusing your systems? in reply to CTCTHelp #
  • @CTCTHelp So what's to keep you from simply unsubscribing me and that's it? in reply to CTCTHelp #
  • Just opted out of @ConstantContact and am now checking all of my other email addresses so I can opt them out as well #spam #
  • @CTCTHelp Thank you. and thank goodness. in reply to CTCTHelp #