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Twitter Updates for 2012-08-24

  • @iTod Hate to bug you, but any word on the Fluid cookie bug I reported via email on Aug 12th? #
  • @EnscriptedApp August 18th was evil, 12:38. Never saw the movie. The middle sentence helped immensely! in reply to EnscriptedApp #
  • @EnscriptedApp How about an option to lock letters? If I know that "a" is correct, typing "a" twice could lock it so I don't flip it later #
  • @EnscriptedApp August 8th was tough, 22:18. August 1st, 32:48. #
  • @EnscriptedApp It's not the mental grip as much as a problem with fat fingers or getting bumped while playing. Thanks though in reply to EnscriptedApp #
  • Why does the "Just For Kids" prompt come up randomly when starting the Netflix app on my Wii? Please make it stop! #