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Twitter Updates for 2012-06-11

  • @EnscriptedApp Today's is a toughie! 4 letter movie title? Jaws, Milk, Salt, Mash? #
  • @EnscriptedApp I solved May 16th in 8:24. I looked at it again, and restarted. Now I can't figure it out! Any hints? #
  • @EnscriptedApp Wow, that small nudge was enough to let me solve it again. 24:13 that time! Lesson learned: don't do them again! 🙂 in reply to EnscriptedApp #
  • @mostafamazen Please give me a hint to Enscripted for June 10th: first letter of show title? #
  • @mostafamazen Never mind, got it! Thanks! #
  • @EnscriptedApp Got it! That was a hard one. Never saw the movie, only vaguely aware of it. #