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Twitter Updates for 2011-03-28

  • Blocked ( for scanning my site for web vulnerabilities. #
  • Blocked ( for scarfing down all of the MP3 files form my web site. #
  • Blocked (Denmark) for looking for IIS vulnerabilities on my apache web server. #
  • Hackers go away! Blocked ( for scanning for vulnerable web scripts. Scans were missed by @cloudflare #
  • Blocked ( for trying to guess email passwords #
  • Blocked ( for writing one of the world's stupidest spiders, looking for twitter names on my site. #
  • Actually just blocked all of for the same stupid Java based twitter wanna-be bot. @xlhost police your users! #
  • Penny on my lap #
  • Blocked ( for trying to download my entire WordPress-based site by accessing every /?p=1 /?p=2 etc #
  • @r2soft does Clickomania HD Lite 3.6 not save high scores on purpose, or is that a bug? #