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Twitter Updates for 2011-03-13

  • @incliq Your mail list software is fried. is not responding So I can't complete my signup #
  • @incliq OK, my confirmation finally went through. Your list confirmation server is probably overwhelmed right now #
  • Is there an "official" Twitter client I should be using on OS X? I prefer @nambu but it hasn't been updated in a while. #
  • @instapaper What happened to the free instapaper app described at ? iTunes says it isn't available #
  • @googlevoice When I port my Gizmo5 number to my Google Voice account, which phone number will I have in my GV account? Both? The G5? The GV? #
  • Blocked ( for trying to guess usernames/passwords. #
  • @YorkshireGlover Is your problem fixed? Your site is back up. #
  • @Lisatella Sure, what's the bug with your web site? #
  • @Lisatella the left edge of the left-side content you want more to the left? So that ultimately the header graphic appears centered? #
  • @Lisatella And you did actually mean the right sidebar? I don't see a left sidbar at all #
  • @Lisatella Are you hosted at Are you able to edit the style sheets? It looks like the sidebar css definition is wrong #
  • @Lisatella I think your #sidebar definition is wrong, because the sidebar area is starting at the top of the #nav not at the bottom of it #
  • @Lisatella YW, sorry I couldn't be of more specific help. #