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Twitter Updates for 2011-02-09

  • Doh! I just updated all of my @akismet plugins to 2.5.2 this morning. Now on to 2.5.3. #
  • @nacin So Hotfix incorporates bug fixes that should be addressed in 3.1, not in 3.0.x+1 (if 3.0.x+1 ever comes out)? Will that be unstable? #
  • @nacin Hmmm, neat idea. But doesn't Hotfix add an extra layer of potential problems for plugin developers to figure out where a bug may be? #
  • The State of Va feedback survey is busted when you submit your opinion. I guess that's one way to not get any negative feedback. #
  • Started watching "Psych" on Netflix on the Wii. Season 1, episode 1's title is "The Spellingg Bee" about the murder of a spelling bee judge. #