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Twitter Updates for 2011-01-28

  • Blocked (pointer for trying to guess usernames #
  • Blocked ( for hacking. #
  • Blocked ( for trying to guess usernames and passwords #
  • @TyUnglebower Type it out, that way search engines can find and index the text. #
  • @TyUnglebower you mean a link to a word document? Google I know indexes lots of document types. But a word file isn't "friendly" to users. #
  • @TyUnglebower If the clip is meant for the general public, then a word doc is better. If the clip is for a portfolio or rresume, scan is ok #
  • @TyUnglebower Ideally, link to the original source. If you can't, scan if the doc looks "professional" Type it out as a last resort. #
  • @TyUnglebower Ah, gotcha. Be careful of copyright claims if they get a psycho lawyer. #