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Twitter Updates for 2011-01-13

  • Have I mentioned lately how much I hate Constant Contact? Opt-out is still spam. Ask them to investigate, and all that CC does is unsub you. #
  • @Figure53 The response to that question is a) No. b) Heck no. c) Absolutely not. d) All of the above. #
  • I'm concerned about the many companies who are only advertising their Facebook pages instead of their web sites. Walled World here we come! #
  • @CTCTHelp Well, they're not. And my most recent message from a CC client did not have a "report spam" link in it – only the unsubscribe one. #
  • @cloudflare Excellent! (Re: Customize Your CloudFlare Challenge (captcha) Page) #
  • @CTCTHelp I reported one to your abuse desk this morning. We'll see if I get more messages from them. #
  • @CTCTHelp But won't you just unsub me? And nothing will be addressed. #
  • Hey CBS, why don't you let us rent episodes of shows in iTunes that we didn't get taped correctly? #