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Netcraft Oddities

What’s the deal with the phrase “no longer used” at the end of every post to Netcraft‘s blog? It’s been there for as long as I can remember.

And why doesn’t Netcraft use www for their web site in their domain? Can you think of any other sites that don’t use www or nothing in front of their domain name?


  1. Paul Comfort says:

    What’s the point of www? It takes a long time to say it, is meaningless to 90% of Internet users who don’t know anything but web and email, and is an environmental nightmare. Think of the wasted bits! Ok, I’m just kidding about the last part. Seriously though, we don’t put “mail.” or “smtp.” in front of email addresses, so what is the point of “www.”

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  2. Hi Paul, Well, my original phrasing was awkward. I have no problem with sites that don’t use www or those that do use www. As long as they have their server setup to correct all of their visitors to whatever that site is using as the official domain name, it doesn’t matter.

    I think there are more wasted bits with the http:// than the www. 🙂