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Switch to my Feedburner Feed

Last week I asked if Feedburner’s stats were inflated. After about a a week of testing, I think they are not, after the first day. Day two of using Feedburner showed the correct number of subscribers (3), and day three showed the additional people who subscribed. Many thanks to Tim King and Luis de la Rosa for signing up so I could see how well things were tracking.

(On an unrelated note, Tim is one of the bloggers I was reading last year at this time when I was considering leaving my full time gig to work at home full-time. As was Luis, a Mac programmer living in Northern Virginia.)

I looked through my server logs, and there are a lot of people reading my site through the RSS feed. Please switch your subscription in your reader over to . Thanks.

One Comment

  1. Glad to help a fellow blogger. 🙂

    I didn’t realize that you had went independent too. That’s great! I went independent (I call it “going indie” or “living The Life”) last December. I’ll be writing a “One Year Later” post soon. Oh yea, I’m also a Hokie Alum.

    I also started up a Northern VA Small Business group to discuss issues related to folks like us – – Maybe I’ll organize a meet-up after the holidays.

    BTW, when I switched my blog over from TypePad to my own host, I put in a permanent redirect via an .htaccess file. Something like:

    Redirect /blog/atom.xml

    That might help your readers switch over.