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Google Pagerank 6 to 4! and 0 to 3 or 4!

Wow, my Google PageRank for the home page has dropped to 4 from 6, down from 7 a year ago. Speculation elsewhere on the web says that Google is penalizing people for using Text-Link-Ads. Well, if that’s the cause, hmmm, fine I guess. Up until this month, I made much more money from Text-Link-Ads than I ever did from Google Adsense. So could this be case of Google telling people to stay with us, don’t use any other advertising system?

Something interesting I just noticed, it seems that more of my inside pages have increased their page rank. So maybe Google is simply distributing the PageRank from the home page among all of the site’s internal pages?

Other sites discussing this:

Two of my other sites haven’t changed their PageRank, both are still at 5.