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“This advertisement is presented by” spam has stopped

On March 1, 2007 I started receiving spam sent to me with a “unique” signature. The message footer always started with the phrase “This advertisement is presented by” then a company name. From March 1 through August 13, I received 5,220 spam messages. I’m not sure why they stopped on that date.

Here is one of the companies that presented me with these unwanted, unrequested messages. The name is “AdvantageLanguage, Inc.” although the From field said “Education Alert.” I received 17 messages from them, from March 3 to July 30. Their address is consistently given as 207 W. Phoenix Ave, Flagstaff, AZ, 86001, US. But the return address and the web page (which at least matched) to visit to opt-out changed with each message:

Each has the same URL, a 4 digit number, an underscore, a 3 digit number, slash, the letters usub, a slash, a tracking ID (OTHR_3 letters, 7 digits), a slash, then three uppercase letters (which varied, and repeated):

The only domain name that currently resolves is, which has address and The others all fail.

Here are their Whois records, as of today: