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Vistaprint Still Sucks (pt 2)

So, yesterday evening I email my account deactivation request to Today just after 8am Eastern I got some RRR (not quite XXX) porn spam to the unique email address I gave only to Vistaprint. Wow, spam from a third party sent to an email address only given to Vistaprint? A coincidence? I don’t think so. I think someone at Vistaprint is annoyed at me, and that I’m advertising their inability to follow their own privacy policy.

The spam’s return address was “Naughty or Nice Singles” [naughty@naughty]. (Interesting, I’ve got my server set to accept invalid return addresses. Note to self – fix that!). The received line was musti14.local (unknown []). That IP currently doesn’t resolve to anything. Let’s see which domain names are related to this spam.

The body of the message loaded images from and from They host their own DNS so the trail ends there.

The links within the body were tagged with affiliate and other tracking codes. The links went to Visiting leads to Looking at whois records for those two domains leads to,, An email contact in whois leads to DNS then leads to, which refers to leads to, which leads to five name servers at, the name servers for the eNom registrar. and have the same address in Woodbury, NY. whois is in Hicksville, NY; although their web site refers to the same address in Pearl River NY as,, and, and are at the same address in New Brunswick, Canada. is in Mineola, NY.

Whois records for these domains, as of August 8, 2007:

A complaint has been submitted to the Federal Trade Commission.


  1. Doug says:

    Top blog.

    I am getting regular spam tricking me into buying stuff from for Vistaprint. See copy of latest spam below. This is the 5th email I’ve received, even though I have never signed up to any emails from this affiliate,

    This is the same company sending out spam which has been doing so for years. They are known as Primeq and also Clickpromise.

    I found this just now –

    Primeq’s clickpromise are also exposed for sending out spam by Wired Magazine, as you can see on this page –

    Spam is coming from Clickpromise at:
    Corporation No: C2999245, Address: 26035 Acero, Suite 150, Mission Viejo, CA 95391, California, USA

    Domain name they are using is:

    Company owner is:
    Jason Mcclain

  2. Edward says:

    I agree with Doug. There are so many times I think I can get some cards done thru vista print and end up paying more then expected. And afterward get spam all in my email box and have to open a new account. I have such a problem with email alone. Thanks for the links Doug.

  3. Fred M. says:

    I hate getting spam mails and having to setup another email. Thanks to this article I will stay away from vista print.