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Finding a database of spammer’s postal mail addresses?

Since the highly effective CAN-SPAM law requires spammers to put a physical location in their spam, I was wondering if anyone has collected the addresses. It would be highly effective in SpamAssassin rules, as well as to look for trends in where the spammers are located.

For example, since March 31, 2007, I’ve received 55 messages with an address of “Customer Service 560- A F ST #438 Grants Pass, OR 97528”

I’m also tracking the “This advertisement is presented” spammer, who appears to be using private mail boxes all over the country, under many different company names.

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  1. Terry Zink says:

    A couple of years ago when I was writing spam rules, we used to write rules on physical addresses. I can’t really recall any patterns, though, I didn’t keep track of them.

    The only thing of consequence that I can recall is that a lot of spammers are located in “spam beach”, an area in Florida close to Boca Raton. While their website whois information registered there, I don’t think the spam location was correlated at all with it.