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Domain Registry Support; Network Solutions Whois database is down

I can’t access the Network Solutions Whois database.

* WELCOME to the VeriSign Global Registry Service Whois Server.
* Sorry, the Whois database is currently down.
* Please wait a while and try again.  Thanks

I needed to use it to confirm the registration dates for one of my domains hasn’t passed. I got three (3!) faxes (faxes!) yesterday from a company, no name (maybe Domain Registry Support? if so, what a stupid confusing name, which is what they are going for), apparently trying to get me to panic and to switch the registration over to them.

Here’s one of the faxes. I haven’t removed or edited it, since all the information in it is in the public Whois database anyways.

After googling for “Domain Registry Support” I see that they have a history of scamming. Now they’ve moved onto flat out lying, and breaking the TCPA by sending unsolicited faxes.

The Wikipedia page for Domain Registry Support is informative.

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  1. Isabel says:

    I got a phone call from them today asking for my fax number and started asking questions immediately to see whether they were trying to get me to switch my domain to them… unfortunately the wikipedia page has recently been deleted, what did it say? He pretended to be part of ICANN but I know better… their website is so vanilla you can’t tell what’s going on which makes it really suspicious. The guy finally hung up when I asked him if his company was a non-profit. No, they didn’t get my fax number. Probably they want it for marketing purposes and they sell the list, that’s my guess.