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Reason #692 to Use Your Own Domain Name

Wil Wheaton is agonizing over using his domain name for his blog vs the TypePad blog he’s been running ever since Moveable Type crashed a couple years ago. So for two years he’s been building the brand of Typepad. I think Wil (I should say Mr. Wheaton since i’be never met him, but I feel like I know him through his writings) should go back to his site, and continue his blogging there. What happens if TypePad changes their Terms of Use? What if they go bankrupt? What if they change their pricing structure based on how popular your blog is?

It simply doesn’t make sense to put all your eggs in a basket that you don’t have any control over. The flexibility of using your own domain name is worth a lot in peace of mind. And when you’re a celebrity, a published author, a poker player, etc… you really should take control where you can; since there are so many places that could take advantage of you.

I liked the suggestion that Kuroshii made: “set up as your ‘professional/resume’ front page for both acting and writing.” But I’d put the blog up at