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Investing in a Deadend

A friend of mine runs a blog at Her site is at She recently went through the accumulated spam comments and blew them away. Unfortunately, she also blew away six months worth of trackbacks to her blog. I tried to re-trackback to it, and I can’t now, because I’ve been labeled as a spam site.

She is frustrated with using Blogware to mange her comment and trackback spams, and while several of us have urged her to switch to her domain name and WordPress, she believes that Blogware has been kind to her, and she doesn’t want to lose the URL.

I’d recommend setting up her own domain name, and start blogging on it with WordPress. She can keep the current system, just refer people from it to her new one. But this is the perfect example of why you should never invest lots of blood, sweat and tears into a web property that is not hosted somewhere that you can easily move away from. She has three years invested into a web site at, and she doesn’t want to lose that. But the longer she waits to invest in her own domain name, the longer she keeps investing in the dead end of, the harder it will be to move away.

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