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Verizon’s Policy Blog, the “PoliBlog”

Verizon is now blogging at PoliBlog. The URL is a really nice one, very easy to remember. What is it with using technology or a design that requires three directories to get to the real content?

Don’t click on the blog author’s name. They are using some kind of javascript abomination to clear out your history, so you can’t hit the back button. Actually it looks like any link on the site disables the back button. Bad move Verizon. Why would you want to disable a user’s browser buttons? I really have to wonder about the tech guys at big companies. Did no one there try to explain to the bosses how things work?


  1. yeawell says:

    Verizon is out to a good start…
    btw what back button issues are you talking… I am using IE and things look ok.

  2. Interesting point Yeawell. The PoliBlog works fine in Firefox on Mac, you say it works fine on IE, I assume under Windows. I wonder why Safari 2 on the Mac is having problems? Very odd. An enormous portion of the main page’s source code is Javascript stuff. But for what benefit? They aren’t even loading the bio for the authors in a new window. These are links for crying out loud. Or is something really spiffy happening under IE that I can’t see with Firefox?

  3. CZ says:

    Our developers have tested your problem in both IE and Firefox and aren’t able to replicate the Back button problem you have reported. Are there any more details you can give us that will help us resolve this, like browser version, etc?

    Also, there is no need to remember the long url to get to the blogs. Just type in and you’ll find our page.

    Thank you for your feedback! It helps us make Poliblog a better experience.

  4. Hi CZ, I’m using Safari 2.0.4 (419.3) under OS X 10.4.8, on my Powerbook G4, 1.5Ghz, 2GB Ram. I also tested it on my wife’s iMac G5, Safari 2.0.4, same problem occurs. After following a link that shows in the status bar as “Run script “(;)” the navigation buttons don’t work.

  5. Scott Nolan says:

    Verizon, a copy of lobbyists. What more would you expect?

  6. While their developers may have checked out how the page displays in various browsers, they apparently don’t know how to use search engines.

    Had they done so, they would have discovered that I already have a well established blog called “PoliBlog.”

    It seems odd to me that they would want to try and tap into the Blogosphere, yet do so in a way that isn’t very neighborly.

  7. I googled PoliBlog and it turned up a bunch of hits. Not a really unique name for a blog, yet I wouldn’t say it’s not neighborly to use that name. It is hard to come up with a unique name, there are companies out there that create new words all the time.