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Listening to online radio stations under Ubuntu

I recently installed Ubuntu Desktop Linux on an older Windows PC (Goodbye Window XP!). Then I wanted to listen to my Internet radio station, but the software I needed wasn’t installed by default. This is how I got the right software onto the system:

  1. On the Applications menu (top left of the screen), choose Add/Remove… (at the bottom of the menu)
  2. Click on the Sound and Video section on the left.
  3. Click “Show unsupported applications.”
  4. You may be prompted to install some helper applications. Allow it, you’ll need to enter your system password.
  5. After a few minutes, you can check both StreamTuner and Xmms Music Player.
  6. Hit the OK button in the lower right corner.
  7. You’ll be asked “Apply the following changes?” Hit the “Apply” button.
  8. Type your system password.
  9. On the Applications menu, choose Accessories then Terminal.
  10. Type streamtuner (all lowercase, no space) and press enter. (Is there a way to add Streamtuner to the menu?)
  11. You can now search for Live365 streams, or Shoutcast streams. (My Christmas Music Radio Station is ChristmasMusic24/7, named planetmike on Live365)
  12. Doubleclicking a stream should open the stream in xmms.