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Ten days to process unsubscribe requests, One day to sign up

Earlier this week I had to buy a product from eBay. Setting aside the joy of bidding against someone for an old clicky IBM keyboard (luckily I later found one that I could Buy Now), I started receiving “helpful” newslettery things from eBay. I didn’t want them, so I went to the web site, and unsubbed from all of them. eBay helpfully told me it would take up to ten days to honor my request. And yes, I just got another one of their stupid newsletters (“Get what you want NOW, no bidding”). Why is it they can add me to their mailing list within hours of signing up with them, but it takes ten days to get off the list? Ridiculous. Maybe they’re simply following the letter of the law, the CAN-SPAM law. Allowed-to-Spam gives spammers, er, businesses, 10 days to honor the opt-out demand/request/order.