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TV Channel Phone Annoyance

One of the local TV stations decided it was their right to annoy me by calling me at home for a “survey.” Luckily I wasn’t able to answer the phone to talk with their computer’s pre-recorded drivel. I have emailed their “Community Relations” department with a complaint about them not taking the high road by not honoring the Do Not Call list. I do acknowledge that our stupid members of Congress watered down the Do Not Call list by allowing “surveys” and politicans to continue to call numbers despite being on the list. It will take someone with real guts to get the DNC list strengthened.

Have you signed up for the Do Not Call list yet? It’s quick, and it does help reduce legitimate businesses from calling. But the scam calls have continued, both surveys and politicans, and non-profit organizations who simply want to help themselves to your money. Like the Virginia Fraternal Order of Police. Ugh, I pay my taxes, then they want to beg me to give them more of my cash? Most of which goes to the company doing the fundraising, and not to the police. Give me a break. It’s my phone, I’m paying for a non-published/unlisted number, and I’ve signed up for the DNC list. Don’t call me if I don’t know you.

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  1. Jimmy says:

    DoNotCall is a good idea, but DoNotWrite would be nice too…