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Protecting WordPress With Fingerprints

I. Background Recent attacks against the WordPress Content Management System have prompted reminders of the recommendation that you should make sure you are running the newest version of the WordPress system. When you download WordPress, you can also download the WordPress MD5 signature so that you can double check that the downloaded file has not […]

Announcing Login Error Cleanup

I have released a new WordPress plugin today Login Error Cleanup. When you attempt to login to a WordPress account, you are given fairly specific error messages if you enter the username or password incorrectly. This can be helpful to an attacker if they are trying to guess usernames and/or passwords. This plugin simply returns […]

WordPress TimeZone Handling is Ridiculous

This is 2008. Why in the world does WordPress not know how to shift it’s internal clock when Daylight Savings Time starts or ends? If the server itself can do it, why can’t WordPress? Heck, my VCR can even automagically adjust by an hour twice a year. I was going to write a plugin to […]

Creating a “GoTo” URL For Your WordPress-Powered Site

For one of my other sites, I’ll be doing some postal mailings in which I’ll need to include the URLs of some of the posts I’ve made. I really don’t want to force people to have to retype those horribly long URLs. I could use a service like, but I’m not happy giving a […]

Announcing CodeQuote

I’ve just released a WordPress plugin for disabling smart quotes in text that is inside a <code> block. Smart quotes, also known as curly quotes or fancy quotes, don’t mix well inside code, so if someone copies and pastes your code with smart quotes, they have to tweak the code they want to use. Which […]

Disable Windows Live Writer Headers from WordPress

I’ve tweaked a plugin that will disable the Windows Live Writer headers that appear in the html headers of pages generated by WordPress 2.31. More information and the download can be found at the WLW Disabler plugin page.

Announcing Fix the P

The name of the blogging system WordPress is a trademark of Automattic, and they’ve chosen to spell it with an uppercase “W” and an uppercase “P.” It should not be with a lowercase p, such as Wordpress. The Fix The P WordPress plugin changes the lowercase p in “WordPress” to an uppercase P (essentially changing […]

Announcing WARP: WordPress Admin Reminder Plugin

I have just finished my first WordPress plugin, WARP, which stands for WordPress Admin Reminder Plugin. This plugin adds a reminder tip (in large red letters) in the top right corner of your WordPress admin pages. The text is a link to the appropriate page in the wp-admin area. Reminders include: Making a backup of […]

Learning to program WordPress plugins

I’ve started work on my first WordPress plugin. So far, I’ve managed to break my development web site several times; gotten the plugin to work partially several times, and added a menu to the “Manage” menu of the WordPress administration system. Of course, the page I’ve created there doesn’t actually do anything yet. It’s very […]