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Joy, Globetech Ventures GTVCF

Wonderful, happy Friday. 368 bounces and they’re still coming in. Thu, 10 Mar 2005 15:32:43 -0800 * Wallstreet Insider Alert Newsletter * Information you can Trust and Profit from. Our extensive research shows GTVCF is on the move with big gains expected on Monday. They will be having a big promotion promotion going all weekend […]

March 6-7

153 bounces advertising PCLI. Here’s the message: jesusita Great Pick For Monday March 7th, 2005 Financial News High Gains Expected All Week, Get In Early Monday. Our last profitable offers: >>> Previous: GTEL – Profiled at 10 cents and since then it hit 35 cents 250% Gains, Don’t miss PCLI it will be even better! […]

Who is TriPromoConsult ?

So now the question is, who is the comapny “TriPromoConsult?” Google shows nothing, except other spam “authorized” by them. It’s interesting that the spam has the letter i in Tri as an uppercase, so it looks like an “L.” Although that could be some silly spammer trick to try to get around search strings in […]

Starting Feb 1st, DTOI spam

Wow, 1,666 pieces of bounced spam touting DTOI since February 1st. Here’s the first one: imperialism +++Investor Edge Weekly DTOI+++ “Where Investors Always Win” 570% Gains Last Month Don’t Miss Our Pick For this week, “DTOI” Will Be Hot Next Week get it immediately, a big promotion will begin Thurday evening followed up by a […]

DTOI – Dtomi, Inc.

Another new run of spam advertising some loser company not worth much.

CXTI spam copy, Dec 21, 2004

CXTI pump and dump spam from December 21, 2004 Tue, 21 Dec 2004 19:42:38 -0600 Hello members we would like to make an immediate advisement on CXTI it closed at 1.15 today and will climb very high very fast. This is a great company the only foreign public company in China in this industry. It […]


More from the archives, CXTI stock spam using my domain as its return address.

VCSC from today, January 22, 2005:

And Vocalscape is at it again, January 22, 2005: MarketMakers Profit Guide 2005 With Over 97% Winning Trades! Featured Company Is: Vocalscape Inc, Breaking News released by the company on Friday after the close – this is an inside tip to our subscribers to get it immediately since the company is planning on a massive […]

The Jan 5, 2005 VCSC Message

From January 5th, 2005: Vandergeest, VCSC-Get it immediately – in next week there will be major promotions and it is expected to have high gains immediately over the next 10 days with massive promotions via fax Promotions via fax? Sounds like they were also junk faxing people. starting wednesday evening throughout the week and weekend. […]

VCSC – Vocalscape

Wonderful, another batch of VCSC spam