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Twitter Updates for 2013-01-29

  • @Dotster I'm having problems renewing a domain, did you sell/transfer/move resellers to #
  • @unhosted At the bottom of your old blog posts (#1 to 5), could you link to the next article? Scrolling back up is annoying/inconvenient #
  • The CrystalSemanticsBot gives a non-existent URL for info about their bot. Blocked! #
  • I can tell you, I will never, ever, ever use @Carbonite for a backup solution, since they spam their services. "Spam is bad!" #
  • And what is "Business Professional Masterfile"? I have no relationship with them. I've never even heard of them. @Carbonite #spammer #
  • @claning Yep, @Carbonite sent me spam today, plugging their services. I've never signed up with them, and now never will. in reply to claning #