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Checking your Installation DVD

Oh goody, it’s checking the DVD for problems. Which, yes is a good thing. It would be horrible to have a scratch cause problems at 95% completed, ending up with a non-bootable system.

Tiger ships only on DVD. If you need CDs, you have to pay an extra $10, mail your DVD back to Apple, and then wait for them to mail CDs to you. Ugh.

It’s 9:11am, and the DVD check is at 16% complete.

One Comment

  1. Matt Hayward says:

    The check is pointless. If there was a scratch on the DVD, OS X wouldn’t install anyway (I’m assuming it would do something similar to what Windows does; ie keep asking for the file it can’t find).

    Your observation is correct, but what I find amusing is that the system is still completely non bootable if an error is found. It would be pointless to continue to install if errors WERE detected.

    I’m commenting because I’m bored, I’m trying to get OS X, Windows and Ubuntu to play ball; and as per usual I haven’t followed the instructions, and so am suffering greatly.

    Yes, I realise that I’m commenting over a year later than the actual post, but anything to keep me awake, goes.